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NEBA 2008 Season




March 15th & 16 2008

Great Bend - PA

KK1 Mixer  / Small track with mud pits and trail events
Complete April __ 26th __ 2008 Tamaqua - PA Large  Track and Trail
Rescheduled May__xx__2008 PA & NJ It's a double header!  2 events  Big Sals and Krusekontrol's
Cancelled May __xx__ 2008 Tamaqua - PA The Coal Miners Challenge / Large Trail Events
Complete June 28th & 29th 2008 PA & NJ It's a double header!  2 events  Big Sals and Krusekontrol's
Rescheduled July __xx__ 2008 Great Bend /  moved due to the start of another MBRA project
Cancelled July __xx__ 2008 Cancelled due to the start of another MBRA project
  August __xx__ 2008 open na
August __xx__ 2008 open na
September __xx__ 2008 open na
October 31st  2008 open The NEBA Holloween Monster Buggy Bash / Must be in costume
Buggy Number NEBA Members Adult Youth NEBA Board Name pts 2008 Model Modified Stock Race Class
001 John Mackey x   Racemybuick


Dune 150 x   M -150CC
002 Chris Dierkens x   Team Hog


Yerf Dog x   M -150CC
003 Tom Stevens x   KidnMe


HH 250  / Blade 150 x   M -250 & 150CC
004 Vincent Kruse x   Krusekontrol


Crossfire 150 x   M -150CC
005 Adam Dierkens   x Acblind


Yerf Dog x   M -150CC
006 Donna Kruse x   Lady Krusekontrol


Crossfire 150R   x S -150CC
007 Josh Bensel   x Snapper705


6.5 techumesh x   M -150CC
008 Ryan   x Offroadkarter


Blade 150GT x   M -150CC
009 Tim Kellum x   Simsim44


XYGK260 (260 Viper) x   M -250CC
010 Vinny Kruse   x Mudbug


Crossfire 150   x S -150CC
011 Dana Kruse   x Motor Mouth


Crossfire 150R   x S -150CC
012 Mike Myers x   mike34


Carter 150 x   M -150CC
013 John Reeves x   boilerman420


Joyner 250 x   M -250CC
014 Billy Puskas x   billyp10980


Dune 150 x   M -150CC
015 Damian Johnston x   dz


Carter 150 x   M -150CC
016 Brian x   brianczaw


Joyner 250 x   M - 250CC
017 Colleen Lonergan   x Suprbean


Blade DX 150 x   M -150CC
018 Johnny x   Johnnytugs 30 Hammerhead 150GT   x S -150CC
019 John x   Dalerider3 0 Hammerhead 150GT   x S -150CC
020 Sal x   BigSal 29 Reation150   x S -150CC
021 Rich x   RMB Twin 31 Reaction 150   x S -150CC
022 Brittanny   x Tugsatheart 28 Hammerhead 150GT   x S -150CC


What happened?


The Great Bend Buggy BBQ Bash
Great Bent PA,
March 15th & 16th

Billy P's Dune 150 was the clear star of the event.  He held off the relentless pursuit of John (aka Racemybuick).  We must also make mention of Brian's son Andrye, he is not an official member of the NEBA but we hope this will chance. Once his dad lets him on the forum.  His skill was excellent and his HH 150  was a monster to be reckoned with.   There was another surprise at this event which shocked everyone.  Tom from KidnMe in his single seat 150cc Blade almost laid waste to the much heavier 250cc Joyner run by Brian.  The mud finally grabbed hold of Tom's Blade and Brian was able to regain his lap and take the win. 

NEBA @ The Coal Mines
Tamaqua PA,
April 26th

A place of real extreme riding, This place was not for the sweet little country trail ride. It is total hardcore trail riding.  The day started out ok but a few problems popped up with the locals.  We thought we would have to end the day early. With some minor changes we were able to complete the day with some real hard pounding driving that took the buggies to their limits. All the buggies left a little blood and sweat on the trails which made for an exciting and challenging ride.   Permits are still available through one of the coal companies but this place is not setup for safe family for young children.  This location should only be used by experienced drivers.

NEBA @ Big Sals
Millville NJ
June 28th

A new member enters NEBA blazing new trails.  Big Sal's place was a total blast. The track offered a high speed straight and some real tricky turns.  We saw plenty of  2 wheel action on high speed turns and even got to see a Reaction roll over in a freaky looking slow roll.  RMB's Doom 150 proved itself again as it ripped through the trails at some very impressive speeds. We also got to see Sim Sims buggy post best overall time, and this was no easy task considering the size and weight of his buggy. Not to  be out done, krusekontrol used a stock reaction to show everyone how it's done, posting best overall time and best lap time in a stock buggy.

The children were the highlights of the event, as we watched them run the trail with smiles bigger then their buggies. You can only get this kind of safe family fun with a group like NEBA.