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  1. You must currently own a mini buggy or be in the process of shopping for one. 
    Ask about NEBA member discounts for buggies and parts at KidnMe Motorsports
  2. All buggies should have a roll cage and disc breaks. Homebuilt buggies are acceptable but we encourage the installation of disc breaks and a roll cage.
  3. You must try your best to visit the NEBA forum frequently and actively participate.
  4. Profanity of any kind on the forum will result in suspension of forum privileges for an undetermined amount of time.
  5. During club meets all members are asked to where helmets while riding the trails.
  6. All members are strongly encouraged to make at least one meet per year.

The NEBA is dedicated to a growing motor sport the whole family can enjoy. We will do our best to provide an atmosphere where everyone can feel welcome.  Our club is geared around a safe,  friendly, fun  environment.

  1. The safety of our members and their children during NEBA meets will always be our number one concern
  2. We will respect the buggies we ride and the properties we ride on.
  3. We will not tolerate drug use by any member of the NEBA
  4. All members will do their best to aid in the growth and expansion of the NEBA.
  5. When competing at an MBRA event  we will always pratice excellent sportmanship